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This small publishing company is dedicated exclusively to the original works of Kelly Mulry (also known as TrainerKelly). In the future, you will find a range of short stories, comics, and novels (at the very least) focused on Kelly Mulry's universe! In the meantime, read TrainerKelly's Rambles (the blog), learn more about the website or the company, follow TrainerKelly on social media, or even sign up for the newsletter for updates! You can continue reading below for more information on what is coming.
Hello everyone, TrainerKelly a.k.a. Kelly Mulry here, answering some questions you may have. If you noticed, TrainerKelly's Network's homepage went from being full of awesome links to numerous pages, only to have most of them disappear! Why is this happening? What am I planning? Well, read on to find out. If the image above is any indication, I'm rebuilding and reconstructing.

Where is all the content?!

Rambles (the blog) is still up and available. You can read more about the website itself and the company here and here. My social media pages are more or less active, for the most part, and my YouTube channel is getting a bit more activity. There is also my newsletter, which you can sign up for at the bottom of this page, to receive updates. However, I know it's not the story content, the fictional stories taking place in my vast universe with storylines that bridge across time. I know it's not the online shop featuring characters you don't quite yet know, but are excited to learn more about. That content is currently unlinked from the main page because I am going to be doing some majour updates that will take a while. Instead of leaving you guys with the equalivent of a retail store with empty shelves and half of the products scattered all over the floor, I decided to have a cleaner apperance and removed the mostly incomplete content and content that badly needs to updated.


What can we expect from the updated pages?

For most of the website pages, you will be seeing:

  • a new, more consistent, layout across all pages (minus from Wordpress-run pages);
  • visual content, even if it's just in the form of an illustration with a page name in the bottom left-hand corner on the sub-navigation pages;
  • simpler navigation;


You can all ready see the new layout (more or less) on the Site and Company pages. Pages featuring story content will roll out when the new series or relaunches of older series are available to debut.


The Online Shop is being updated with:


  • new pricing (lower in most cases) for all 3rd-party items;
  • change in phone case printer;
  • new product;
  • removal of product;
  • updates here and there;


The current plan is to relaunch the online shop when the story content is released in order to cross-promote, however, I may relaunch it earlier, if appropiate. In the meantime, if you desperately want something you know had been on the online shop, please e-mail me at inquiry@trainerkelly.net with the subject line of ONLINE SHOP ORDER.


How much story content is planned?

As of right now:


  • 6 new OR continuing comics with a year & a half's worth of content (if I was posting once a week; I plan on posting every other week instead and alternating each comic), plus updates to 3 previous comics to bring them up to my new standards;
  • 200 short stories;
  • 100 general illustrations that will be used everywhere I can;


How much of the story content is the main plotline?

I'll admit, most of it is world/universe building and character building, but there are quite a few that are at the very beginning of the main plotline. When the plotline really starts moving and it's obvious, there will be a section on this website dedicated specifically to pointing out the main plotline stories for those who don't want to spend too much time exploring the worlds and just want to read the main plot. The main plotline is about the main villain attempting to fix the universe to their perception, for those curious.


When can we expect the updates & story content to be rolled out?

Seriously, follow me on social media, subscribe to my YouTube channel, sign-up for my newsletter, heck, even try following Rambles on some type of RSS feed! I'm telling you this because as of writing this, I hate to admit that I don't know. I have an insane fantasy finish date for the majourity of the projects (July 1st, 2018), but it is unrealistic and is really only there to try and make me work towards it and it does not inlcude editing. My temporary estimate is sometime in 2019, but it is possible for it to roll out earlier, if I can stay on top of it. If it was to roll out this year (2018), I would be aiming for August or September 2018. But again, I do NOT know!!


Why can't you give us a proper release date or even in what quarter of the year you will be releasing content?

It's because I've barely even scratched the surface of the work I still need to do. There is over 600 comic pages to do, plus 200 short stories, and 100 general illustrations, on top of required illustrations, updating the website layouts, creating graphics where needed (including social media pages to announce content updates), video recording & editing, blog writing, and just general editing. Please be patient with me! I'm insane for knowing I can do it, but I am capable. It will take time, but watch me.And besides from videos, I don't have help. I'm not even sure if I would want help at the moment either!


Do you have content up anywhere?

I do! They're on my art community pages (primarily Tumblr (the layout is SUPER broken, so expect an update rollout with Tumblr as well), Instagram, and deviantART), but even those are outdated. You can also find links to the other websites I'm not linking on here, so if you really want to check out my story content, you can browse those pages. I don't recommend it though.


Where can I watch you or support you in the meantime?

As I said earlier: follow Rambles on some sort of RSS feed. Follow my social media pages. Subscribe to my YouTube channel. Sign-up for my newsletter. It's the best thing you can do! If you would like to drop me some words of encouragement on any of my pages, I definitely appreciate it, although obviously not necessary. Also, I often show up on my husband's Youtube channel, so you can check him out over at Hurricane500000. Thank you so much! ~ TrainerKelly a.k.a. Kelly Mulry

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2018 March 15

Hello, everyone. As you noticed, this front pages has become kind of empty. I have a lot coming up, so please be patience with the changes!!! They will be taking a while, but I believe they will pay off in the long run. Thank you so much!


2018 January 31

HAPPY NEW YEAR (about 30 days too late)!!! There is a really, really, REALLY minor update: I updated my handles on Instagram and the official TrainerKelly's Network Twitter. Check 'em out!



About TKN

TrainerKelly's Network is a small publishing company focused exclusively on the original works of Kelly Mulry (TrainerKelly). All works are influenced by Japanese animation (manga) and Japanese comics (manga). The original works include, but are not limited to, comics, illustrations, short stories, novels, and blog posts.


TrainerKelly's Network was officially established by Kelly Mulry in 2015 in order to start focusing on their long terms goals: telling stories, inspiring people in positive ways — no matter how big or how small that way is, and making a living doing so.

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Hey, you guys, I'm TrainerKelly. I'm also known as Kelly Mulry, among other names. I am a creative by definition (if you look up traits of a creative, I fit most, if not all of them). I have loved to create since I was in 3rd grade and it has never ceased. It gets arguably harder each year not to pursue everything I have ever wanted to be creative in, even when I pick and choose what to work on and create. Creating is my foundation — if I believe I am no longer allowed to create, I no longer live for my foundation seemingly crumbles. I always end up rebuilding it, however. Although, I suppose nowadays, it's getting a lot harder for people to make me feel like I need to crumble. At this point, I'm starting to find it laughable and just outright annoying.

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