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What is TrainerKelly's Network, you ask?

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TrainerKelly's Network is an upcoming publishing company focused exclusively on the works of Kelly Mulry (better known as TrainerKelly here on the Internet)! This website, in particular, is to be home to all the original works (i.e. non-fan works), providing the world with (hopefully) easy access to all the stories created by Kelly. Kelly has lots of stories to tell and is excited to share them with the world: there's someone out there who needs them.

This website is currently under construction, as you can see. In the future, there will be lots of links and whatnot to story content. In the meantime, you'll have to make due visiting Rambles (the blog) and checking out TrainerKelly on social media! Otherwise, feel free to continue browsing this homepage for a bit more information.

If you are aware of old URLs to any of the other pages on the website, they will still work. If you don't, that's okay! Get ready to start anew!

What's Up

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09 November 2019

26 December 2019

"Hey, TrainerKelly, I thought you said you'd have stuff up in 2019? It's almost the end of it and you still have NOTHIN'!"

I know! I know! Well, to be fair, it was a temporary estimate, not a hard release date. I did not commit to a hard release date because I was already aware, based off numerous factors, there was no chance of getting anything done. I was slightly more optimistic for 2019, but not by much.

"And how did this year work out for you? Huh? HUH?!"

If you have not read my Rambles, "Did 2018 Actually Exist?" and "2019 So Far", go read them now. They provide the best insight to what I have been doing this past year or so.

"Okay, I read them. It sounds like you've been doing a lot of 'life' stuff. What are you working on right now then for TrainerKelly's Network?"

If you want the most up-to-date information about what I'm working on, the best place is probably my personal Twitter. I often tweet while I'm working on a project or after it, so you'll get a good idea of what I'm working on. Yes, I tweet other things too (mostly anime, music, and food), but I still think it's one of the most reliable places to learn what I'm working on.

Otherwise, go check out Rambles (the blog) or follow one of my other social media pages. I do not update them as frequently. Rambles though will periodically get a full-text update and an accompanying video on my YouTube channel.

"When will we see the projects you are talking about? What about previously mentioned projects?"

I do not have an estimated release date at this time. I will not give one until the projects are completed and ready to be launched.

As for previously mentined projects, I still intend to do them, although they may show up at a different time period or even in a different form than previously shown or mentioned (such as redrawn comic pages or a comic being turned into a short story instead).

"How long will that take?"

Again, I cannot give an estimate.

While I believe I am capable of completing projects in a timely manner, I have mental blocks that like to pop-up whenever they have a chance to. I am working through them currently and have been rather successful removing them, but there are still more I am working through.

I also don't want the pressure of an estimated date. I have given dates in the past despite that every part of me was screaming "I WON'T FINISH IT BY THEN". If I managed to finish it by the estimated date, then the results were subpar. If not, then I would just semi-abandoned the project (i.e. intend to go back, but haven't at this point). Without the added pressures of announced dates, I can take the time I need to complete projects.

"Besides from the projects you mentioned on Twitter/Rambles/other social media network, what else are you doing for TrainerKelly's Network?"

  1. I'm carefully rethinking my approach to TrainerKelly's Network. I did not have a clear vision for TrainerKelly's Network in the beginning (other than calling it a publishing company and ultimately being an archive of my works), but over these past few years, the vision has become clearer. I'm currently filling in gaps in my knowledge to really bring it together. The exact knowledge ranges from business to art.

  2. I'm learning web development. I already knew some stuff, but my knowledge was outdated. I have some really big plans for TrainerKelly's Network website-wise and I'm only going to be able to do it with additional web development skills. To help me on this, I've been using *Treehouse. So far, it has been GREAT! In fact, the webpage you are on now was coded per the standards and skill I learned there.

    *(Psssst, if you're interested, you can click that link in the paragraph or this link to Treehouse and sign up. It's a referral. It helps me out when you are a paying member by taking a percentage off my monthly enrollment!)

"What about the Online Shop? When is that going back up?"

Not until story content has been put up and been around for a while, plus seeing a good amount of (reoccuring) traffic and/or demand. This approach makes more sense to me.

The purpose of TrainerKelly's Network is to share my stories. Money is only there to help sustain it over the long run and expand out to other ventures.

"Anything else you can tell us?"

Follow my social media pages and subscribe to the Newsletter for updates. Periodically check Rambles. Also, go subscribe to my husband, Hurricane500000 on YouTube. We often livestream on weekends every two weeks or so.

"Okay, now that I've read all that...I'm left with a question. What exactly IS TrainerKelly's Network?"

  • TrainerKelly's Network is for *ORIGINAL WORKS ONLY, not fan works created by me (TrainerKelly)! This means you will not see Pokémon® or any other series not created by me on here;
  • TKN will release a mixture of short stories, comics, and novels, all created by me (TrainerKelly). If you are unfamiliar with my work, please check out the following pages: deviantART / Instagram / Twitter (you may have to look through my media, but there are definitely images there); please note that there is a mixture of fan content on some of those pages and the content is a bit outdated with my current standards;

For additional information about TrainerKelly's Network as a company:

For additional information about TrainerKelly:

*"Original" is being definied here as not based off a pre-existing series. For instance, writing a story about Pokémon® even with fan characters is NOT an original work, since Pokémon® is a pre-existing series not owned by TrainerKelly. However, a story about a group of kids catching something would be considered original; the concept is not original, but the actual details of the stories is what ultimately makes it "original".

"Hey, wasn't there a survey and a newsletter sign-up? Where'd those go?

Yes, there was! I ended up taking them down because of the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) at the moment. I became aware of the law due to the effects it's having on YouTube. After reading over the law, I realized that my website does not comply with it and I suspect that there are other privacy policy issues I need to read up on before I make surveys and continue with the newsletter.

While I consider TrainerKelly's Network to be targeted towards 13+, my experiences at conventions have lead me to the conclusion that I am going to, inevitably, attract a high ratio of older children (from 8 to 12). Due to this anticipation, I need to develop age verification tools to assist in that process so I don't end up doing something illegal!

For more information about COPPA, you can read the Ramble I wrote earlier in December 2019. It provides plenty of links.

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